ActiQuinol 10™

A superiorly stable powder form of Ubiquinol CoQ10 that allows for improvements in manufacturing and oral bioavailability.

CoQ10 supplements are being purchased by 32%1 of US consumers and is projected for steady growth in sales at 5.1%2 for 2019. Known for its abilities to support essential cellular processes of energy production in the mitochondria, US based CoQ10 product launch positioning has centered around heart health with 5943 products launched with this focus over the past five years. Many of these supplement products however do not contain the most beneficial form of CoQ10, Ubiquinol. Only 8% of the products launched from 2013-2018 contained this potent form of CoQ10.3 This creates a prime market opportunity for new CoQ10 supplement innovation with the addition of ActiQuinol 10. Allowing you to simplify your manufacturing processes while providing your customers with the most optimized form of CoQ10. 

Solving Your CoQ10 Manufacturing Challenges


Reduction in overages provides an improvement in costs for various application formats.

  • Stable in tablet, gummy and capsule formulations. 
  • Achieve higher loading content – increased Ubiquinol levels in tablet/capsule applications. 

Lack of sensitivity to oxygen exposure allows for consistent stability to be obtained even when opening packaging multiple times.

  • Ability to obtain cost savings through bulk purchasing. 
  • No need for the inclusion of formulation stabilizers and crystallization processes.
  • No special storage or manufacturing conditions required.
  • White color lends itself to more visually appealing blends.

ActiQuinol 10 Provides an Easier CoQ10 Solution for Manufacturing

Studies Show Positive Stability for ActiQuinol 104

ActiQuinol 10 is more stable than standard ubiquinol after 3 months – enclosed Environment

  • ActiQuinol 10 (Ubiquinol Acetate) was found to be stable even after three months. 
  • Standard Ubiquinol is unstable at normal atmospheric conditions and is oxidized by 95% in 3 months. 

Actiquinol 10 is more bioavailable than ubiquinone and standard ubiquinol.

  • ActiQuinol 10’s bioavailability (plasma concentration of Ubiquinol) is ~3.9 times higher than Ubiquinone and ~1.11 times higher than standard Ubiquinol. 

Actiquinol 10 is visually more stable than Ubiquinol over 3 month period - Open Environment.

  • ActiQuinol 10 (Ubiquinol Acetate) remained white in color throughout the 3 months, making it more stable.
  • Ubiquinol powder converted from white to yellow after only 1 day, making it less stable.
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2. US Retail Sales: NBJ, Supplement Business Report, May 2019.
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4. Glanbia study, Data on file.

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